Shock in Sweden: Margaret eliminated, Andreas Johnson to Andra Chansen

Malou Prytz and LIAMOO & Hanna Ferm join Wiktoria and Mohombi in the final at Stockholm’s friends area. Their success resulted in a shocking upset as Margaret was eliminated.

This is Malou’s first time competing in Melodifestivalen, however her successful performance tonight will go into the history books. “I Do Me” is the first song to compete in a Melodifestivalen final that was compeletely written and produced by women.

Joining Malou in Stockholm are couple Hanna Ferm and LIAMOO who also beat out competition tonight that included Margaret. LIAMOO previously competed last year with the song “Last Breath”. Margaret’s elimination is a surprise for many as she was expected to make it through tonight’s competition. However, her Melodifestivalen 2019 journey has ended in Malmö tonight.

Oscar Ernestad finished last in the voting tonight and was knocked out alongside Jan Malmsjö. Malmsjö previously finished second in Melodifestivalen back in 1969. Ernestad was previously a member of the boy band FO&O which competed in Melodifestivalen in 2017.

Andreas Johnson to Andra Chansen

Vlad Reiser and Andreas Johnson will compete in the Andra Chansen round. This is Johnson’s seventh shot at the Melodifestivalen stage. Now he will compete in Nyköping on 2 March for the chance to make it to the final in Stockholm.