Malta to bring back the jury vote in 2018

Maltese broadcaster PBS has decided to bring back a 50% jury vote in 2018. This means the end of a one-year-experiment with 100% televoting. 

The 100% televoting system was introduced by PBS last year after a lot of criticism on the old so-called “mixed”system. In this mixed system, which ran for several years, Malta used a combination of jury and televote, however, the influence of the televote was negligible.

After last year’s national final, ESCDaily’s Malta expert Sadie Trent already hinted that the 100% televoting system was not the right fit for Malta.

2018 Songs and artists

All the songs for 2018 can be found here (also listed below) but the songs will be uploaded to the profiles at a later date:

  1. Brooke – Heart Of Gold
  2. Christabelle – Taboo
  3. Aidan – Dai Laga
  4. Avenue Sky – We can Run
  5. Danica Muscat – One Step at a time
  6. Deobrah C – Turn it up
  7. Dwett – Breaking Point
  8. Eleanor Cassar – Back to life
  9. Jasmine – Supernovas
  10. Lawrence Gray – Love Renegade
  11. Matthew Anthony – Call 2morrow
  12. Mirana Conte – Rocket
  13. Petra – Evolution
  14. Rhiannon – Beyond Blue Horizons
  15. Richard & Joe Micallef – Song for Dad
  16. Tiziana – First time

Malta in recent Eurovision years

In 2016, Ira Losco won the public vote of the national final with the song Chameleon. Afterwards, she decided to change the song she would sing in Eurovision. The song she ended up taking to Stockholm was ‘Walk on Water’. It ended up finishing 12th in the grand final with 153 points.

In 2017, a 100% public vote was used, and the song Breathlessly by Claudia Faniello won the ticket for Malta, but sadly it did not qualify to the grand final.