Malta Dominates First Semi-Final, Australia Finishes in 14th Place

Malta second rehearsal Destiny Eurovision 2021
Destiny, Malta, Second Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 13 May 2021 — EBU / ANDRES PUTTING

Former Junior Eurovision winner, and this year’s Maltese representative Destiny dominated the first semi-final. Meanwhile Australia struggled with both juries and televoting. Montaigne finished in 14th place over-all.

The split results revealed that Ukraine topped the televote with 164 points, with Malta sitting in second with 151 points. Lithuania, Russia and Israel rounded out the Top 5 with the televote. In the jury results, Malta topped the table with 174 points, with Russia in second with 117 points. Rounding out of the Top 5 in the jury vote was Ukraine, Israel and Cyprus.

One of the most interesting results of the semi-final was Croatia, who finished 9th in the televote, and 10th in the jury vote, yet failed to qualify to the final. Norway qualified in 10th place, and achieved just 5 points more than Croatia.

Montaigne photo: SBS

Montaigne finishes last in televote

Australia achieved their worst result yet, finishing in 14th place with just 2 points in the televote. This placed them last with the televote, with their jury vote placing them in 14th.

Here are the results of the first semi-final of Eurovision 2021:

  1. Malta – 325 points
  2. Ukraine – 267 points
  3. Russia – 225 points
  4. Lithuania – 203 points
  5. Israel – 192 points
  6. Cyprus – 170 points
  7. Sweden – 142 points
  8. Azerbaijan – 138 points
  9. Belgium – 117 points
  10. Norway – 115 points
  11. Croatia – 110 points
  12. Romania – 85 points
  13. Slovenia – 44 points
  14. Australia – 28 points
  15. North Macedonia – 23 points
  16. Ireland – 20 points

Check out the full split results of Eurovision 2021 Semi Final 1 below:

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