Malta: Read back our liveblog for the Maltese national final

Tonight Malta became the next nation to select their entry for Kiev. Below you can read back the live blog we made during the Maltese final. Among the artists that take part is last years runner up Brooke. This time she has a similar genre song called ‘Unstoppable’.

Tonight’s show will begin at 21:00 CET. The liveblog will be done by our reporter Sadie Trent. Besides Brooke Borg, who came runner up in 2016 to Ira Losco with her song Golden, also Claudia Faniello (the younger sister of former Maltese Eurovision entry Fabrizio Faniello) is taking part. Kevin Borg is a former Swedish Idol winner, while Richard Edwards was the singer of the band Firelight (Eurovision 2014).

The acts in the final tonight are as follows:

Newest comments will appear at the top. The comments will feature comments from other people tonight.


22:52 CET – Winner announced

Chiara presented  the trophy for Kevin Borg in 3rd, Ira Losco is presenting 2nd place to Janice. 1st place is presented by Mary Spiteri (she sang at the wedding of a friend of mine in Malta) goes to Claudia Faniello. Not the winner I would have personally chosen, but she has the backing of the Maltese public. Sadly I don’t think Malta will qualify to the grand final with this song.

22:09 CET – Interval acts starting

Maltese band The Travellers are the first to perform. They perform 2 songs and are very well received by the public in Malta. Next up is Christina Magrin who sung for Malta at the 2016 Junior Eurovision in Valletta, and Ira Losco who competed at Eurovision in Stockholm. A nice flash back from Junior Eurovision. Such a stunning voice from Christina. A ballad from such a young voice takes a lot of power, and she is stunning. But then the song turns into a pop song, which is what is known from Christina, and still it is fantastic, and an amazing improvement from Junior Eurovision. Her voice has matured in such a short space of time. Love this mash-up from Ira. A mash-up of Chameleon and Walk on Water. Love the outfit choice. Ira is so fit and healthy since she had baby Harry and you can tell she has put in so much hard work. Here she also premiers her new single We are the Soldiers. Amazing vocals and stronger than ever before. After almost a year out, she teased fans on her facebook about the title. The outfit goes very well with the new single. I had a comment from someone saying ‘I am surprised she isn’t more famous then she already is as she has the gift.’

21: 48 CET – Breathlessly – Claudia Faniello

A veteran in the Maltese music scene. Getting an amazing reception, but not as strong as Brooke. Still getting a decent reception. Could this be the surprise winner?

21:43 – Unstoppable – Brooke Borg

The favourite from tonight. Very strong vocals, very strong everything. This has everything. I can see why this is the favourite. Pretty in all black, and she got the best reception of the night.

21:40 CET – You – Richard Edwards

Vocals are extremely weak for the song. Needs more training, struggling to reach the high notes, so this won’t do well. Nothing done with the stage so very low production value for this song.

21:36 CET – Bombshell – Maxine Pace

Very strong start from Maxine. Finished on a strong note, and had a very strong reception.

21:21 CET – Fighting to Survive – Cherton Caruana

Quite a weak song all round. Gone for the catsuit idea like Iveta did in Stockholm. Doesn’t do much for the over production value of the song.

22:17 CET – Kewkba – Janice Mangion

The only song being sung entirely in Maltese, which is a rare occurrence. A ballad, which is sung beautifully. If she wins, I don’t think she could carry Malta to the Grand Final. She is one of the 2 favourites tonight, so with it being 100% televote tonight it is going to be incredibly close. This song has it all, it is faultless, but it is sung in Maltese, and the European audience may struggle to warm to that. I have to admit, her vocals are excellent though.

21:13 CET – Crazy Games – Shauna

Love the song with her voice. A mid temp pop song suits her voice down to the ground. She isn’t having to try hard and you can tell in her voice that she really wants it.

21:08 CET – Don’t Look Down – Mirana Conte

The youngest singer in this years competition. Great vocals to start off the song, but the rest of the song sadly doesn’t suit the first timer at all. She is trying so hard, but it just isn’t working for her. Has a Ska/rap kind of feel to it, which doesn’t suit her at all.

21:52 CET – Fearless – Rhiannon Micallef

Starts like a proper ballad should. The song doesn’t sound like your typical ballad though. Has a few beats to mix it up a bit, and that makes it sound outstanding. She could have a different outfit choice to allow movement though. Love the dress however.Very strong vocals from Rhiannon.

21:49 CET – Follow Me – Franklin Calleja

Not sure about this one. The slowness of the song doesn’t suit his voice at all. Sounds as if he is putting too much pressure and trying too hard. Sometimes you can tell when someone is trying too hard. Though he does have strong vocals. I have to admit he has put effort into his outfit choice for tonight.

21:45 CET – So Simple – Crosswalk

Love the guitar sound at the start. Never seen a folk song in Malta before, and it is certainly different. Odd outfit choices for tonight. Can’t make heads or tails of this song. The meaning is made confusing by the lyrics. Vocals really weak.

21:42 CET – Seconds Away – Jade

Very strong vocals from the start. Black outfit with her purple hair and purple make up to match makes her stand out. Vocals a bit wobbly in the middle section of the song. Song keeps getting stronger and then weaker in the vocals but is stronger in the end portion.

21:34 CET –  Comments

The general feeling is that there is nothing that stands out yet. The best of the first 4 as agreed by the people I have spoken to so far is Kevin Borg.

21:26 CET –  Follow – Kevin Borg

A popular face in the Maltese Eurovision music scene. Stars off quite poorly. Then builds up to great vocals and he gets a huge cheer from the audience. As he has the international experience in Sweden, this could give him an upper hand. Song suits his voice after a shaky start. Dressing in all black with white trainers makes him stand out. Very slick appearance from Kevin tonight.

21:22 CET – Tonight – Deborah C & Josef Tabone

Very spring like song, and they have the spring daisy background to match. Laid back outfits again. Not the sort of song that would suit Eurovision. Vocals are nowhere near strong enough, cheesy but not the cheesy sort of songs we expect from Eurovision. Vocals don’t really compliment each other as their voices are trying match each other. There are no harmonies at all in this song, which is what is lacking from a duet.

21:18 CET – Raquela Dalli Gonzi – Ray of Light

Another newcomer to the Maltese Eurovision scene. Weak and low vocals, I expected more from Raquela. A pretty outfit though. Ended on a low. So much could be improved here. Not a favourite tonight.

21: 15 CET – Klinsmann Coleiro – Laserlight

Very laid back for Klinsmann tonight. A newcomer to the Maltese Eurovision scene. Laid back in jeans, trainers, t-shirt and a denim jacket. Your average cheesy pop song. Nothing special there.

21:02 CET: Introduction of performers.

First 3 to be introduced were Janice Mangion, Deborah and Josef, Mirana Conte and Cherton. Next up is Crosswalk, Klinnsman Coleiro, Jade  and Claudia Faniello. Next is Raquela Dalli Gonzi, Shauana Vassallo, Rhiannon Micallef and Brooke Borg. The next group is Kevin Borg, Richard Edwards, Franklin Calleja and Maxine Pace. They sing a medley of previous Maltese Eurovision hits.

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