Malta: Ira Losco presents ‘Walk On Water’ on the 17th of March

Maltese broadcaster TVM has been permitted by the EBU to release their song and video before Sunday 20th of March. On the 17th of March we can hear ‘Walk On Water’, the song Ira Losco will sing at Eurovision, for the first time as it will definitely not be ‘Chameleon’ anymore.

The criticized song “Chameleon” was in the line of fire right from the start. ESCDaily’s chief editor Steef van Gorkum suggested that Ira Losco deserved a better song than “Chameleon” immediately after the Maltese national final. It was challenged by nine other songs, all recorded by the chosen participant Ira Losco.

A jury decided between these ten songs, but the results of this decision will be kept secret for one more week. Bulgaria, Croatia and Iceland have also been granted permission to release their respective preview videos by that date. Malta will probably release their song on the 17th on March, as the broadcaster hinted on that date with this tweet…