Malta: Many former artists amongst 49 potential songs

49 songs have made it through to the first selection process towards the Maltese preselection shows. The island will have a national final and semifinal once again, in order to pick their song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

The shows will take place on the 22nd and 23rd of January. The 49 songs you see listed below, were narrowed down out of a field of 153 songs. Which is 19 more songs than Maltese broadcaster PBS received in 2014.

As was the case in previous years, we see a lot of artists returning to the stage in Malta. Some of them, like Ira Losco who got a second place at Eurovision in 2002, even got on to represent their nation on the real contest.

Here are the names and songs we know so far. This list will be brought back to 20 songs for the semifinal:

Artist Song
Francesca Bonanno 96
Jasmine Abela Alive
Deborah C All Around the World
Chaya Fenech Bare Your Soul
Kurt Cassar Battle Zone
Lyndsay Pace Beautiful
Andre Curmi (Dre) Brave
Cherylis & Mikhail Breaking Point
Cherylis Breathe
Jessika Can’t Let Go
Danica Muscat Castle
Ira Losco Chameleon (Invincible)
Francesca Borg Dancing in the Rain
Domenique Azzopardi Empty Hearted
Jean Claude Azzopardi Exceptional
Corazon (Mizzi) Falling Glass
Kelly Ann Mintoff Feeling Alive
Dominic Fire Burn
Iona Fireworks
Raquel Galdes Flashing Lights
Franklin Calleja Flawless
Danica Muscat Frontline
Paul Cuschieri Go Beyond The Shore
Brooke Golden
Nazjo Rotin Gone
Q Higher
Jessika Hush Hush
Dario Mifsud Bonnici I Love You
Franklin Calleja I Won’t Surrender
Christabelle Borg Kingdom
Stefan Galea Light Up My Life
Kimberley Cortis Lighthouse
Franklin Calleja Little Love
Neville Refalo MI-MI-MIND
Joseph Portelli Paper Boats
Panama Band -Simaria Reaching
Sarah Crystal Right Here With You
Aidan Cassar Rule The World
Klinsmann Coleiro Someday
Julienne Liberto Tell Me What You Wanna Do
Ira Losco That’s Why I Love You
Jessika The Flame
Kyle Mangani & Maxine Pace Tonight
Daniel Testa Under the Sun
Amy Agius Victory
Kaya Without You
Maxine Pace Young Love
Malcom Your Kiss
Laurence Gray You’re Beautiful