Malta: National final in January 2016

The Maltese national final to select their song for the Eurovision Song Contest will be held somewhere in January next year. Broadcaster PBS has announced the selection details of the show, with one special regulation: Amber is not allowed to take part in the contest.

In 2015, Malta just missed out on qualification for the Grand Final, as Amber finished in 11th place in Semi-Final Two, with her song ‘Warrior’. She may not participate as a performer in the national final next year. Other rules say all artists participating in lead role must be of Maltese nationality or hold dual citizenship, one of which Maltese. Authors and composers may be of any nationality.

Submissions will be received on the 29th and 30th of October 2015. In addition to the original song, artists need to submit a recording of another song, which can be a cover version, or a song that has already been published. Twenty finalists will be announced in November 2015.

The finalists will perform live with backing vocals in the Contest. The panel of Judges will be made up of six judges. Televoting will represent the vote of a seventh judge. Artists will be allowed to interpret two different songs during Part One of the Final phase. Fourteen songs will qualify for the Final phase (Part Two). An artist will be allowed to interpret one song during Part Two of the final phase.