Malta: “Broadcaster PBS needs to bring back the jury vote”

Claudia Faniello will sing for Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest after winning the national final. According to our editor Sadie Trent, the voting system should be brought back to the way it was.

Sadie Trent has been following the Maltese preselection for a couple of years now, and also blogged the show last Saturday for us at ESC In our podcast Scout Around, she says that PBS needs to bring back the jury vote, because they might keep in mind the songs that already have been chosen in other countries.

“I don’t think the jury would have rated Claudia highly, based on the field we already have. She has something to prove, she wants to do better than her brother and will keep on coming back to Eurovision to do so, but it might not turn out the way she wants it to do.”

Song can not be changed anymore

“The technical standard of the show was really high,” Sadie continues. “I think Malta should stick to this format. But now the rule to change the song has been revoked as well. The doors are shut, it is not possible to change the song. Even though people ask for it again.”