Malta: Phase two auditions commence

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Maltese broadcaster PBS has opened the second phase of the local Malta Eurosong competition at 10:00 CET this morning. It commenced at PBS headquarters and it’s characterised by the same process as last year, with a local and foreign jury from the entertainment industry critiquing the acts. reports that each performer is entitled to a sound check prior to their performance(s) during the auditions. So far, it’s been reported that the sound quality this year is at it’s best due to a sound engineer making sure the 62 auditions will be to a professional standard.

Additionally, the team behind the selection process today includes Maltese Head of Delegation Anton Attard and former Junior Eurovision Head of Delegation Anna Dalli. It’s understood that the finalists are planned to be announced not too long after the auditions are completed. also report that so far Priscilla Psaila (Kaya), Romina Mamo and Claudia Faniello have already performed in front of the judging panel.

Stay tuned!