Malta: “This is the night” to Baku

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Malta’s Eurovision selection has just finished, and after a some very close voting, “This is the night”, performed by Kurt Calleja has won the competition; and will be Malta’s twenty-fifth entry in the Eurovision Song Contest. His song was the most popular of the Maltese televoters, and the jury’s second favourite.

Kurt Calleja (22) is a Maltese singer and songwriter from Ħamrun. He is the house singer on the TV shows “Vespri” and “Hadd Ghalik” on Maltese television, to name a few. He took part in the local Eurovision selection first in 2010 with “Waterfall”, along with Priscilla Psaila; placing in 12th. Last year he placed third in the competition, with a rock ballad titled “Over and over”.

“This is the night” is a pop-rock song written and composed by Kurt along with Swedish writers Johan Jamtberg and Mikel Gunneras (Helges musicstudio). They are both is no stranger to Eurovision, having composed, wrote and produced Sweden’s Junior Eurovision 2011 entry, “Faller” with singer Eric Rapp.

Below, you can see the full results of the selection:

Congratulations to Kurt!