Manel Navarro: “Staging is going to be totally different”

Manel Navarro has revealed some secrets about the staging for the Spanish 2017 act ‘Do it for your lover’. “It is going to be the same like the summer vibe, but it will look totally different,” he told ESC Daily.

Hans Pannecoucke, who did the staging the last three years for The Netherlands, is now helping Spain get a goiod result in Kiev. “We have already seen the last visuals,” says Manel about the contact with the stage director. “And it is awesome! It is going to be great. We have not talked about the camera work and stuff like that yeah. But a one camera act like the Common Linnets, sure that is possible.”

Manel had to face some criticism

In recent years the Spanish Eurofans went crazy fort heir act and were let down by the end result. This time, there is a lot of criticism for the song and singer. Manel is not being influenced by it, he states: “It is not not what it seems. It is just a few people that don’t like the song. Most people are with me and support me. It did not affect me, at all.”