Manizha wins small Russian preselection and goes to Eurovision

Manizha during the Russian final photo: screenshot Channel One

Manizha has won the Russian ticket to Eurovision. In a small-sized national final with three songs, her chaotic hiphop song “Russian Woman” emerged as the winner. Little Big announced that they dropped out, after wanting to represent Russia in 2020.

The Russian preselection was an exciting affair. Before the show, some details had leaked, but it was uncertain whether Little Big would return and who would even take part in the show. After Little Big performed as opening act, they announced their withdrawal. Three songs then fought for victory.

Manizha is a famous singer who frequently addresses topics such as feminism and migrant struggles in her music. She was born in Tajikistan herself. Therefore, she knows the difficulties of growing up in Russia with a different ethnic background.

Russia Eurovision 2021 preselection final result:

  1. Manizha – “Russkaya Zhenschina” 39.7% of the televote
  2. #2Mashi – “Bitter Words” 35,7%
  3. Therr Maitzwith – “Future Is Bright” 24.6%

Manizha will sing “Russian Woman” at Eurovision 2021: