“Many televoters will relate to Daði Freyr’s feelings of missing out”

26 will compete in tonight’s Eurovision Grand Final, however one of them will not perform live: Iceland. Daði Freyr from Iceland will use his rehearsal tape from last week. In our Eurovision talkshow Rotterdam Inside, Dennis van Eersel claims that this could create a lot of sympathy among televoters.

“What is happening to the Icelandic group is the worst thing that could happen to someone. The absolute worst. And maybe this is something any televoters can relate to. After the year we’ve had, maybe people missed graduations, weddings, holiday trips, even funerals, all because of covid restrictions. They will understand how Daði is feeling.”

Van Eersel works as a reporter for ESCDaily, and is a sports commentator in his non-Eurovision life. He speaks about the special relationship between Eurovision and other big sports events in the talkshow.

Watch the full episode of our Eurovision talkshow below: