Marius Bear: “This will take away toxic masculinity”

Marius Bear Switzerland Eurovision 2022

For a long time, Marius Bear from Switzerland struggled to find his message to the world. “I am a white privileged boy from Switzerland, there is nothing to complain about.” In the end, however, he found his message in his emotional character.

Marius spoke about the meaning of his song at his Eurovision 2022 press conference. “Boys Do Cry, it’s a statement for myself. I realized I am a really emotional guy, and I am proud to show that.”

He hopes that his statement will help others as well. “If more man feel comfortable to show their emotions and be themselves, this will take away the sea in which toxic masculinity grows.”

Watch the full conversation with Marius Bear about Switzerland’s Eurovision 2022 song “Boys do cry” below:

Marius’ stage director Sacha Jean-Baptiste also spoke about the dance moves Marius Bear makes in his performance.

“The song is like a lullaby, it’s delicate. We wanted to stay true to the song and to Marius. The dance moves came fully from Marius, we just exaggerated a bit.”


  1. It would feel like a crime, if this pure music doesn’t qualify tonight, so I will vote for it more than once!

  2. Toxic masculinity exists because women say they want vulnerable men, but when they actually meet one, they are repelled by them.

    “Man up” is a phrase used by women, mostly.

  3. You are attracted to toxic men, ladies.

    Example: the fantasy figure of Christian Gray. A screwed up, mentally unbalanced, sadomasochist with a string of damaged women behind him.

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