Mark Cummins (SBS) Chairman of the Australian jury

The European Broadcasting Union has released the names of all Eurovision jury members, who will determine the result of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 for 50%. On behalf of Australia, Mark Cummins of broadcaster SBS is the chairman of the jury.

The other four jury member from Australia are. Christine Anu (Singer, songwriter, radio DJ), Alice Chance (Composer), Mark Humphries (Actor) and also Lewis Hobba (Radio DJ). All the jury members from all other nations can be found here.

Michael Schulte in German jury

Traditionally, a lot of former participants take place in the Eurovision jury of several nations. This year is no exception to the rule. Therefore, some notable names are Michael Schulte (Germany), Geta Burlacu (Moldova), Monica Anghel (Romania) and songwriter Linnea Deb (Sweden).