Markus Riva joins Edgars Kreilis in Supernova final

Markus Riva, who for the sixth time attempts to represent Latvia in Eurovision, has qualified for the final of Supernova 2019 today in Riga. His pop song, “You make me so crazy”, was one of the better performances of the second semi-final.

While the level of the songs in Supernova 2019 has not been very convincing so far, the Latvian production clearly saved the best for last. Markus Riva (who performed last) was the clear winner of the evening, with a solid performance of “You make me so crazy”.

Markus Riva, Dzjili Violets, Carousel and the Double Faced Eels will join Edgars Kreilis, Laime Pilnīga, Aivo Oskis and Samanta Tīna in the final of Supernova on February 16th.

The quallifiers (marked in bold):

  1. Dziļi Violets feat. Kozmens – “Tautasdziesma”
  2. Peress – “Smaragdi un pelni”
  3. Laika Upe – “Listen to the Way that I Breathe”
  4. Carousel – “That Night”
  5. Kristiāna – “Remedy”
  6. Double Faced Eels – “Fire”
  7. Adriana Miglāne – “Scared of Love”
  8. Markus Riva – “You Make Me So Crazy”

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  1. Why Markus Riva? There was a winner of the second semi-final The Carousel. Why to mention Markus if he’s most likely not to win the final?

    The Carousel and Laime Pilniga are currently the most likely winners (and also my favourites).

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