Markus Riva qualifies for Supernova final after all

In a dramatic turn of events, it was announced by the Latvian Broadcaster, LTV, that Markus Riva will be qualifying to the final of Supernova after all. 

LTV announced this evening (12/02), that due to a technical error in counting the votes, Markus Riva has in fact qualified, despite being told he had been knocked out of the competition.

The results of this semi final were determined by adding the voting results together with the streaming figures of the songs on Spotify. The organisers decided to cancel the results of the Spotify streaming that Markus Riva will be in the next round of Supernova along with Ritvars and MADARA.

The Supernova producers decided to give Riva the qualification, without taking Ritvars’ qualification off due to the errors being internal. As a result, three artists qualified instead of two. One more strange thing though: When the results were revised, it was also discovered that The Riga Reggae Group had not even entered the Supernova competition.



  1. Nice song, but wasn’t there a jury to stop him? His vocal skills are very limited and he was often out of tune…I saw his performance on YT…., not very good.

  2. He’s got the looks maybe, but definitely lacks the vocal skils. There’s nerves on the voice and regularly off-pitch singing. Song is very bland too. Giving him access to the final will only cause rumours of bribe etc.

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