Maruv wins Vidbir with “Siren Song”

Maruv has won Vidbir with “Siren Song”. The Ukrainian network UA:PBC will now offer her a ticket to Tel Aviv. However, some paperwork needs to be fixed before Maruv’s Eurovision participation is certain.

Maruv faced some tough competition in the grand final of Vidbir 2019, but fought off the likes of Freedom Jazz, who came into the final with a perfect score of 16, and Kazka (from the big hit “Plakala”), who finished in second and third place.

Maruv – “Siren Song” live at Vidbir 2019:

Full results of Vidbir 2019

01. Maruv – Siren Song – 11 points
02. Freedom Jazz – Cupidon – 10 points
03. Kazka – Apart – 8 points
04. Brunettes Shoot Blondes – Houston – 5 points
05. Yuko – Galyna Guliana – 5 points
06. Anna Maria – My Road – 3 points

Maruv has been asked to sign a declaration to confirm her participation in the contest, and we will see the result of this within the next 48 hours. The declaration has been confirmed by