Mayor of Dnipro urges for decision; host city known by Tuesday

The mayor of Dnipro is done waiting for the decision on the host city for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. On his Facebook page, he posted an appeal to the organizing committee to make their decision known. NTU’s Oleksandr Kharebin has replied that the host city will be announced by Tuesday the 23rd of August.

Watch the Facebook post by mayor Borys Filatov here:

“Unkindly and officially. Dear members of the Organizing Committee of Eurovision 2017! Please decide the host city in the shortest possible time. Time is running out. It is running out both for Dnipro as well as for Kyiv and Odessa. It is running out for the whole country. Please, give birth to any, but final decision. If you will drag it for one more week, we will definitely lose interest towards this issue. We are serious people and we understand the scope of tasks. I hope that you do as well.”

The mayor of Dnipro has got immediate response from NTU deputy director general Oleksandr Kharebin: “Stay calm. On August 23rd. We understand and know everything, but nobody has cancelled the procedures and coordination of all aspects.”