Sweden: Melodifestivalen 2011, Andra chansen in Sundsvall

Tonight, the line-up for next week’s Melodifestivalen final, to be held in Globen, Stockholm, will be completed. Two more songs will join the 8 qualifiers from the four semifinals.

Andra chansen (literally, the second chance) works in a different format to the semifinals. The eight songs are paired together into four duels where they must beat the other song to qualify to the next round. The four duel winners advance to the second round where two more duels will take place. The two winners of these duels qualify to the final next week.

So, who is participating in Andra chansen tonight?

Duel 1

Jenny Silver – “Something in Your Eyes”

Jenny Silver started her career in the Swedish dansband Candela in 1991. She was part of that band for 6 years until 1997. From then she became known as a dansband queen, often as a successor to Lotta Engberg. Jenny also sang in the band Holden, released a solo album in 1997 and played lead roles in musicals such as Evita, Jesus Christ Superstar and Guys and Dolls. In the first half of 2008, she played rock witch Antonia in Gothenburg Opera’s newly written musical venture Awesome.

Jenny’s Melodifestivalen début came in 2010 with the slow-tempo club song “A Place to Stay” which finished 8th place in Semifinal 1. This year, her entry “Something in Your Eyes” takes her into another different genre of music with an ABBA-style schlager song.

Love Generation – “Dance Alone”

Love Generation were formed through an audition with over 500 contestants. 5 girls were selected, but Roshana left the group in November 2010 as Roshana and the girls wanted to go “different directions in our artistry and music.” The group were formed and backed by Moroccan-Swedish world-famous record producer Nadir Khayat, better known as RedOne. As soon as the auditions were finished, work began the same day on their self-titled début single. Love Generation are sponsored by the electronics company LG.

“Dance Alone”, produced by RedOne, is Love Generation’s début entry in Melodifestivalen.

Duel 2

Loreen – My Heart is Refusing Me

Loreen Talhaoui is a reality-show participant, singer and producer. She became known through Idol 2004 in Sweden where she finished in 4th place, being eliminated only one week before the final. In 2005, she released “The Snake” with the group Rob’n’Raz. Loreen has also been a presenter on a Swedish TV channel.

Loreen’s début in Melodifestivalen comes with dance anthem “My Heart is Refusing Me”.

Sara Varga – Spring för livet

Sara Varga grew up in Stockholm and has always sung and written music. Sara’s début album “Faith, Hope & Love” was released in 2008 with the début single “Always Have”. Her follow up single “Du gick” was released in 2010. In the summer of 2010, she toured as a DJ duo with Rebound.

“Spring för livet” is an innocent guitar ballad which Sara co-wrote. A Melodifestivalen début for Sara Varga.

Duel 3

The Moniker – “Oh My God!”

Daniel Karlsson, The Moniker, was first found in Idol 2007, where he finished in 4th place. His first music single “Would You Believe?” was released in October 2008. Daniel also appeared in the video for “Wake Up World”, the “Help for Haiti” song.

The Moniker’s entry, “Oh My God!”, is a happy pop song which Daniel wrote during a period where he was writing predominantly ballads. “Oh My God!” is the début Melodifestivalen entry for The Moniker.

Linda Pritchard – “Alive”

Linda Pritchard is not just a singer, she is also a professional dancer who has worked with Magnus Uggla and Ace of Base. Linda participated in Idol 2008 where she was eliminated at the qualifying week despite being considered as one of the favourites. Linda released her first single “Fast Car”, originally recorded by Tracy Chapman, in 2009.

In 2010, Linda Pritchard made her Melodifestivalen début with the dance song “You’re Making Me Hot-Hot-Hot” which finished 5th in Semifinal 1. This year, Linda’s song “Alive” is completely different! “Alive” is a ballad written by Oscar Görres and Fredrik Kempe.

Duel 4

Shirley’s Angels – “I Thought It Was Forever”

Shirley Clamp needs no introduction for almost every Melodifestivalen fan! Shirley went to many music and dance school as a child and participated in many talent contests around Sweden before she became famous. Shirley participated as a singer in the euro techno group Metrix in 1995. Shirley also sang backing vocals for Antique at the Eurovision Song Contest 2001, where the song “(I Would) Die for You” came 3rd.

Shirley’s Melodifestivalen début came in 2003 as she took part with the song “Mr Memory” which came 6th in Semifinal 3. In 2004, Shirley returned with the song “Min kärlek”. In the semifinals Shirley came 4th and had to qualify to the final through Andra chansen. However, Shirley’s musical breakthrough came when Min kärlek was a hit in the final finishing in 2nd place. Shirley then participated again in 2005 with the song “Att älska dig”. This qualifed directly to the Final and came 4th. Shirley returned to Melodifestivalen after a 4 year absence with the song “Med hjärtat fyllt av ljus”. Due to a poor performance during the keychange, the song finished 8th place in the Semifinal. This time, Shirley is back again – but armed with two angels, Vera Prada and Jessica Marberger. Their entry is “I Thought It Was Forever”.

Pernilla Andersson – “Desperados”

Pernilla Andersson has released six solo albums since 1999. “Gör dig till hund” was her first Swedish-language album, released in 2008. Pernilla’s most often played song is “Johnny Cash and Nina P”. Pernilla’s most recent album release was in 2009, with another critically acclaimed English-language album “Ashbury Apples”. Pernilla has interests in fishing and has shown commitment to the mission of saving the Baltic Sea from fish kills. Pernilla is married to a member of Nicke Borg’s band, Backyard Babies, Dregen.

Pernilla’s song “Desparados” is a country style ballad and is her début in Melodifestivalen.