Sweden: Melodifestivalen 2011, Final – Globen, Stockholm

Tonight, the final national final of the 2011 Eurovision season will take place. Sweden will select it’s entry to this year’s contest in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Eleven international juries and the Swedish public will award points to decide which song will win.

Tonight’s finalists are:

01 – Danny: “In the Club”

Danny Saucedo, the D in E.M.D., first became famous on Idol 2006. He then joined with previous Idol contestants Erik Segerstedt and Mattias Andréasson and created E.M.D. Danny has kept up a solo career as well as a career with E.M.D. He participated in the Eurovision Dance Contest 2008 for Sweden. Danny was also lucky enough to appear in the music video for fellow finalist Linda Bengtzing and past Melodifestivalen participant Velvet’s “Victorious”.

Danny’s only past Melodifestivalen entry came as a member of E.M.D. where their song “Baby Goodbye” finished 3rd in 2009. This year, he sings first in the Final with his solo Melodifestivalen début, “In the Club”.

02 – Sara Varga: “Spring för livet”

Sara Varga grew up in Stockholm and has always sung and written music. Sara’s début album “Faith, Hope & Love” was released in 2008 with the début single “Always Have”. Her follow up single “Du gick” was released in 2010. In the summer of 2010, she toured as a DJ duo with Rebound.

“Spring för livet” is an innocent guitar ballad which Sara co-wrote. A Melodifestivalen début for Sara Varga.

03 – The Moniker: “Oh My God!”

Daniel Karlsson, The Moniker, was first found in Idol 2007, where he finished in 4th place. His first music single “Would You Believe?” was released in October 2008. Daniel also appeared in the video for “Wake Up World”, the “Help for Haiti” song.

The Moniker’s entry, “Oh My God!”, is a happy pop song which Daniel wrote during a period where he was writing predominantly ballads. “Oh My God!” is the début Melodifestivalen entry for The Moniker.

04 – Brolle: “7 Days and 7 Nights”

Brolle, who’s real name is Kjell Wallmark, was discovered in the Swedish version of Popstars back in 2001 at the age of 19. His début single “Playing with Fire” was released even though he did not join the final band. Brolle has also participated in musicals such as Footloose and Buddy Holly. Brolle has released four albums. Rebellious Heart, his début album, charted at #6. Brolle’s biggest success came with his fourth album “Ett hjärta som glöder, som en gång brann” which broke into the Top 5 of the albums chart. Brolle’s most successful single “Det är hon” came from his fourth album and reached #2 in the singles chart.

“7 Days and 7 Nights” is Brolle’s Melodifestivalen début.

05 – Linda Bengtzing: “E det fel på mej”

For Linda Bengtzing, persistence has paid off. She made her first appearance on the fourth and final season of Fame Factory. She never made it to the finals but she did get selected to sing “Alla flickor” at Melodifestivalen 2005. In 2006, Linda Bengtzing released her first album “Ingenting att förlora” which reached #4 on the albums chart. Her second album was released in 2008. “Vild & galen” reached #2 in the albums chart and was certified Gold. In 2007, Linda Bengtzing teamed up with Markoolio to enter a song into that year’s contest. This song was rejected by SVT and “Värsta schlagern” went on to be Linda Bengtzing’s first #1. Linda attempted to break into more European countries by performing a duet with Dutch singer Kim-Lian in 2009 called “Not That Kinda Girl”. Unfortunately, it only reached #32 in the chart in Holland and did not chart in Sweden. In 2010, Linda teamed up with fellow former Melodifestivalen participant Velvet, however, SVT did not select “Victorious” to proceed to the live shows.

Linda Bengtzing’s first appearance at Melodifestivalen came right back in 2005. Her song “Alla flickor” qualifed to Andra chansen, from there, it qualified to the Final but only finished in last place (10th). It did, however, reach #8 on the singles chart. The following year, Linda returned with “Jag ljuger så bra”. This time, she qualified directly to the Melodifestivalen Final and finished 7th. It became her greatest hit so far, reaching #2 in the singles chart. In 2008, Linda was back with “Hur svårt kan det va’?” which, again, qualified straight to the Final giving her her best result yet, 5th place. So, “E det fel på mej” is Linda Bengtzing’s fourth successful attempt at winning Melodifestivalen.

06 – Nicke Borg: “Leaving Home”

Nicke Borg is a Swedish rock star, most famous for his band Backyard Babies. Nicke gained fame in Sweden and in places in Europe with his band and their six albums. Their most recent album “Backyard Babies” was released in 2008. The band are currently on a hiatus. It is thanks to this hiatus that Nicke has been available to enter into Melodifestivalen.

This is Nicke’s Melodifestivalen début with his power ballad “Leaving Home”.

07 – Swingfly: “Me and My Drum”

Swingfly had a rocky start to his music career. Originally from New York, USA, he moved to Sweden to attempt to get closer to breaking through in 1991. In 1995, he did a cover of Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams” with Dr. Alban which took him as high as #3 in the Dutch charts and charted highly in other European countries. Swingfly has since gone solo and had some success in both Sweden and the USA.

Dance rap electro pop song (yes, it’s that many genres!) “Me and My Drum” is Swingfly’s Melodifestivalen début.

08 – Sanna Nielsen: “I’m in Love”

Sanna Nielsen has been there, done it all! At the age of eleven she reached the number one spot on the Svensktoppen Charts with the song “Till en fågel”. Sanna has released six albums, the first “Silvertoner” was released in 1996 and the latest, titled after her 2011 Melodifestivalen entry “I’m in Love”.

Sanna’s Melodifestivalen history is very extensive. Her first attempt came in 2001 with “Igår, idag” which finished 3rd. In 2003, she returned and came 5th with “Hela världen för mig”. Her next attempt came with Melodifestivalen veteran Fredrik Kempe. The duo sang “Du och jag mot världen” in 2005 which finished in 8th place. Sanna competed again, two years later, with “Vågar du, vågar jag” which qualified to the final via Andra chansen. In the 2007 final, it finished 7th. Sanna’s best attempt yet came with ballad “Empty Room” in 2008. The song gained the maximum points from the public vote but finished 2nd overall behind Charlotte Perrelli’s “Hero”. “I’m in Love” is Sanna’s sixth Melodifestivalen entry, making her this year’s longest serving contestant!

09 – The Playtones: “The King”

The Playtones is a Swedish dansband formed in 2008 in Kallinge. The band was called Boppin’ Steve & The Playtones before 2008 and they won the music competition Dansbandskampen in 2009. Their music is usually in a traditionally dansband style. However, for Melodifestivalen, the band have followed fellow dansband former contestants Scotts and Highlights in performing a schlager-dansband song.

“The King” is a Melodifestivalen début for The Playtones

10 – Eric Saade: “Popular”

Eric Saade is currently dating former Melodifestivalen participant and Swedish Junior Eurovision participant Molly Sandén. Eric Saade hit the Swedish music scene as a solo artist fairly recently, in 2009, with his début single “Sleepless” which charted at #44. Before this, he was in a boyband called What’s Up!. Two singles were released, one of which was “Go Girl!” in May 2007 that peaked at #5 in the charts. Eric’s first solo album, “Masquerade”, was released in 2010 and peaked at #2 in the Swedish album chart. His second solo album will be released later this year.

Eric’s first Melodifestivalen participation was at last year’s contest with the song “Manboy”. The song reached the final and finished 3rd. “Popular” is his second attempt at winning the contest.

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