Michael Rice sings ‘Bigger than us’ for the United Kingdom

Michael Rice respresents the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. The song ‘Bigger Than Us’ was victorious in the Eurovision: You Decide 2019 show.

Eurovision: You Decide showcased Anisa, Holly Tandy, Jordan Clarke, Kerrie-Anne, MAID and Michael Rice, who all sang their song to make it to a super final. You can read all about the show in our liveblog.

Eurovision: You Decide! Participants (superfinalists in bold):

Anisa – Sweet Lies
Holly Tandy – Bigger Than Us
Jordan Clarke – Freaks
Kerrie-Anne – Sweet Lies
MAID – Freaks
Michael Rice – Bigger Than Us

Michael Rice wins superfinal

In the super final, Michael Rice won the ticket to Tel Aviv for the United Kingdom. He/she will join France’s Bilal Hassani and Spain’s Miki and fly the flag for the United Kingdom in the Grand Final on the 18th of May.