Michael Schulte wins the German ticket to Lisbon

Michael Schulte has won the German ticket, and will be representing Germany with the song ‘You Let Me Walk Alone’ in Lisbon. Last year Levina could only come 2nd to last with her song ‘Perfect Life’. Will Michael top that?

Michael Schulte emerged victorious from the field of six in Under Lied Für Lissabon, and will be representing Germany this year. Germany, as a big 5, go direct to the grand final, so Michael will be performing on the 12th of May.

Michael Schulte’s song focuses on his family situation, and is an ode to his parents and relatives.

Result of the German national final for Eurovision 2018

Artist Song Points Ranking
Ivy Quainoo “House on Fire” 22 4
Michael Schulte “You Let Me Walk Alone” 36 1
Natia Todua “My Own Way” 17 6
Ryk “You and I” 23 3
voXXclub “I mog Di so” 21 5
Xavier Darcy “Jonah” 25 2

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  1. Nice, finally a top 10 potential being chosen, by Germany for eurovision sake! I like this one.

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