Mihai “would kill someone” if Romania gets disqualified again

Mihai Trăistariu wants to return to Eurovision. But winning the Romanian final is no guarantee for that, as we found out last year, when TVR was disqualified by the EBU and Ovidiu Anton did not get to go. “If it would happen to me, I would kill someone!” says MIHAI.

Mihai Trăistariu already represented Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006, when he came fourth. Now he wants to return. “Well, Tornero means ‘I will be back’, so here I am. My dream is to win Eurovision one day. It is difficult to win, but it is possible when you have something special. I will try until I die.”


This year, his song “I won’t surrender” is a ballad. Completely different from his previous song “Tornero”. You can listen to parts of it in the video below. Mihai: “I like this song because the songwriter knows me so well, and he has written it precisely for my voice. It is a perfect fit.”

Romania is a poor country and the debts to the EBU caused a disqualification in Stockholm, when the artist and song were already chosen. “It was strange to see that Ovidiu did not get to go,” tells Mihai. “But it is not the fault of the broadcaster, it is the fault of Romania. We are a poor country.”