Miki impresses vocally: “I worked a lot on my fitness”

Miki Nunez from Spain displayed strong fitness today. Despite dancing and running around a lot in his first Eurovision rehearsal, his vocals remained in tact. “I did a lot of cardio in the last few months to improve my fitness.”

Miki’s performance was particularly impressive, because during the national final in Spain, he seemed in trouble phyically. “In the final of Spain, I felt like I was without air. The last chorus was difficult for me to get through. That is why I decided to do a lot of fitness, a lot of cardio. The last few months of my life, I lived completely differently. A new regime. But it’s good for me.”

Watch Miki Nunez at the Spanish Eurovision press conference:

The Spanish Eurovision performance will be a visual spectacle. Directed by the famous Fokas Evagelinos, Miki uses several props on stage. Trapped in a house with several small rooms, he “frees” the dancers in the other room, to show that they should take of their blindfold and start living their lives the way they want. The group then leaves the house and runs across stage, dancing to a colourful background.

Check out the Spanish rehearsal video by EBU.