Mikolas Josef: “I’ve accepted that my performance had to be changed”

Mikolas Josef hurt his back Eurovision 2018

Mikolas Josef has accepted that the backflip will not be a part of his Eurovision performance for the Czech Republic. “There is not much of a choice for me. There is still a lot of care needed,” he tells ESCDaily about his medical status.

“I had to find my way around it, but luckily here I am standing on my feet, the smile is back on and the attitude is back on. I would be stupid to do something that could harm me. When I qualify and I would not be able to do anything in the final, that would be stupid.”

Watch the full interview with Mikolas Josef below:

Image of the contest in Czech Republic could become even more positive

If Mikolas Josef should indeed get a top result, it would be the first time for the Czech Republic. Something that might change the game forever in his country. “I think we already managed to change it a lot. There is a huge attention to Eurovision now. If I come up with a good result, of course people will be excited and we will be more like Sweden, where Eurovision is almost a religion.”