Mikolas Josef sent to hospital with back problems after Czech Eurovision rehearsal goes wrong (UPDATE)

Mikolas Josef was sent to the hospital after his first Eurovision rehearsal today. The Czech superstar hurt his back when one of his acrobatic jumps during the rehearsal went wrong. 

Update (30-4 at 14:00) on Mikolas Josef’s situation

Mikolas Josef has been sent to a second hospital for further check-ups. He posted a statement on Instagram saying he had a very rough night. “On my way to another hospital now. Thank you all for your endless support. I am doing this!”

Press conference cancelled

Because of Mikolas having to go to the hospital, the Czech delegation cancelled their first press conference. There was, however, a small meeting between the Head of Delegation and the press.

The check-up at the hospital is just precautionary, says Head of Delegation Jan Bors at this meeting. “We expect Mikolas to be fine again next week. No need for plan B just yet.”

However, later that night, Mikolas himself placed this worrying Instagram post:

Mikolas Josef: “Safety First”

During the first runthrough of his rehearsal today, Mikolas Josef stopped proceedings because he felt that the platform he and his backings were standing on, were unsafe. He seemed very determined when he said. “Stop, safety first!” Ironically enough, this did not stop him from hurting his back later that afternoon.