“Moldova and Romania are already one country” according to Zdob si Zdub

“In many ways, Moldova and Romania are already one country”, say the members of Zdob si Zdub. The band represents Moldova in Eurovision 2022 with the song “Trenuletul”. ESCDaily asked the group about the lyrics of the song, which may suggest a unity between the two countries.

“I feel in Romania like I feel at home,” says the lead singer of Zdob si Zdub. “We have the same language, the same history, the same food, the same music traditions.”

Could it happen that these two countries one day actually become one? “Historically we were always one country. And in many ways we still are. I think that in today’s world, many challenges can only be overcome if we unite and work together. Not just between Moldova and Romania, but in the entire world.”

Watch the full interview with Zdob si Zdub at their Eurovision press conference:

Are you one of the people wondering: “What do the lyrics of Moldova’s Eurovision song mean?” Interested in the Moldovan Eurovision 2022 entry?

Listen to the song “Trenuletul” below and check out the meaningful lyrics for yourself:

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