Moldova: Boris Covali third to withdraw from preselection

Another artist has decided to withdraw from the preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest in Moldova. This time it is Boris Covali, one of the early favourites, who steps down for personal reasons.

Boris Covali joins Irina Kit and Constantin Cobîlean in dropping out of the Moldovan preselection. Subsequently he will be replaced by Doga Liuba with the song “One Thought Away”.

“O melodie pentru Europa 2017” takes place on the 24th of February (semi final) and 25th of February (national final).

Sunstroke Project

Among the artists who are competing to represent Moldova in Kiev, are Sunstroke Project who represented Moldova at Eurovision 2010. At the contest in Oslo the group finished 22nd in the final with the song “Runaway”.

1. Sunstroke Project – “Hey Mamma”
2. Doga Liuba – “One Thought Away”
3. Diana Brescan – “Breath”
4. Vozniuc feat. Vio Grecu – “Don’t lie”
5. Valeria Pasa – “Freedom”
6. Marks & Stefanet – “Join Us In The Rain”
7. Emilia Russu -“If Only You”
8. Nadia Mosneagu – “Never Give Up On Us”
9. Ethno Republic & Surorile Osoianu – “Discover Moldova”
10. Samir Loghin – “Glow”
11. Sandy C – “A Beautiful World”
12. Aurel Chirtoaca – “Dor de mama” (Missing mother)
13. THE ONE – “Dance”
14. Big Flash Sound – “Logic”