Moldova: First half of finalists chosen

Tonight concluded the first of two semi-finals by TRM to choose the Moldovan entry for Eurovision 2016 in Stockholm. Seven qualifiers were presented with an eighth to be announced later tonight. Return on Thursday for Semi-final two results.

Tonight’s running order (qualifiers in bold):

  1. Doiniţa Gherman – Irresistible
  2. Valentina Nejel – Va fi târziu
  3. Valeria Paşa – Save Love (Jury winner)
  4. Emilia Russu – I Am Not The Same
  5. Che-MD – Vodă e cu noi
  6. Chris Maroo – Tonight
  7. Valentin Uzun – Mine
  8. Chriss Jeff – Good Life
  9. DoReDoS – FunnyFolk
  10. Viola – In The Name Of Love
  11. Maxim Zavidia – La La Love (Tele-vote winner)
  12. PRIZA – Rewind

Results revealed a substantial deviation between the voters and jurors in tonight’s results. Winner of tonight’s semi-final was Maxim with 19 points even though jurors gave him seven. The largest deviation was Valentin Uzun who was rewarded ten points from televoters and zero from jury, however still managing to qualify.

The final, eighth qualifier will be chosen through 100% tele-vote later tonight. It was later decided that the following entry qualified:

  • Emilia Russu – “I Am Not The Same” ( highest non-qualifying tele-vote post show)

Maxim Zavidia – La La Love (Tonight’s winning qualifier):