Moldova picks DoReDos as it’s Eurovision 2018 act

Moldova will be represented by DoReDos at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. The group will perform the song ‘My Lucky Day’, the winning entry at O melodie pentru Europa 2018.

The final in Moldova (the semi final was skipped because of a lack of good quality songs) saw a lot of unknown names. However, a couple of songs were composed by notable people, like Philipp Kirkorov and Michael James Down. Some fan favourites also returned including Doinita Gherman for her ninth attempt in the competition. She finished third place behind runner up Vera Turcanu with the song “Black Heart”.

The national final featured a wide variety of music styles and interesting performances, however when the voting began it was immediately clear that DoReDos were the winners from the start. Every single member of the Moldovan professional jury bar one awarded maximum 12 points to the song “My Lucky Day”. Televoting results also showed that the group won by a landslide and were clearly the most popular act. Combining these results gave DoReDos a very comfortable win and they will now go on to represent Moldova in Lisbon in May.