Moldova: Seven new songs selected

Tonight, second semifinal night was held in Moldova. Among twelve songs presented during impressive night, eight of them were selected to compete in grand finale scheduled for Saturday 28th of February.

An impressive semifinal night filled with great energetic music was held in Moldova tonight. The show was opened by Gloria Gorceag’s song Mai Stei. Gloria, together with thr Sergiu Beznitchi was the host of the second semi final night.

During almost three hours of show, we had the chance to hear all twelve performers, competing for their place in Saturdays finale.

While we were waiting for the results, an amazing local band called Tharmis, amused the public. What was interesting in this segment, was that the players start by performing traditional Moldovan music, and ended their segment by playing and singing popular songs like Crazy by Beyonce or Everybody by Backstreet Boys completely on the trumpets.

Televoting was open during the whole show, and at the end, the votes of public and jury made of music professionals, have chosen seven songs for the finale, as following:

1. Valeria Pașa – “I Can Change All My Life”
2. Stela Boțan – “Save Me”
3. Doinița Gherman – “Inimă fierbinte”
4. Dana Markitan – “Love Me”
5. Doredos – “Maricica”
6. Lidia Isac – “I Can’t Breathe”
7. Miss M – “Lonely Stranger

The eight performer of the second semifinal night will be revealed during after show. Tonight’s selected performers will join to the other eight singers selected during the first semifinal night, and together they will compete for the Vienna ticket.

The final show will be organized in Saturday 28th of February, and the live-stream will be available on or with Moldovan National Television.