Moldova: SunStroke Project amongst 40 acts to audition on Saturday

39 songs will battle it out in an audition round in Moldova on Saturday, where they will be narrowed down to fourteen acts that will take part in the semi final. Broadcaster Teleradio Moldova released the list of the lucky 40, including SunStroke Project.

This group already represented Moldova in 2010 when they made it to the final and gained a cult-status thanks to the epic sax guy. This year they try to take part with the song ‘Hey Mamma’. Another notable name is that of Boris Covali, who got close in 2014 as the runner-up in Moldova.

The list of the 40 acts to audition on Saturday:

Che-MD – „Făurit în Moldova”
Serj Coston and Sergey Beloff – „I’ve been searching”
Formaţia Ion Krasnopolski – „Invitaţie la nunta moldovenească”
Boris Covali – „Călător”
Valentina Nejel şi Sergiu Pungă – „Ne-a fost iubirea un joc”
Tudor Bumbac – „Într-o zi de iarnă”
SunStroke Project – „Hey Mamma”
Sasha Letty – „I believe”
THE ONE – „Dance”
Roşu Olea – „Mama”
Max Fall – „If I Could”
Russu Emilia – „If only you”
Denny Feyton – „Met by chance”
Cerkoo & Rodica Olişevschi – „It’s not fair”
Sasha Bognibov – „Stop the Liars”
Sandy C – „A Beautiful World”
Second Chance – „Two Cats”
Vozniuc feat. Vio Grecu – „Don’t lie”
Dana Rogovski – „Gave You Everything”
RadioLIFE – „Forget all”
Seth Cohen – „Пусть это будет секретом”
Diana Brescan – „Breath”
Shakya – „Beautiful Life”
Red Lips – „Kill for me”
Marks & Stefanet – „Join us in the rain”
Ethno Republic & Surorile Osoianu – „Discover Moldova”
Big Flash Sound – „Logic”
Valeria Paşa – „Freedom”
Ştefan Ursaki – „Lacrimi de chitară”
Doga Liuba – „On thought away”
Doga Liuba – „Safe”
Dăo – „Dream”
Nadia Moşneaga – „Never give up on us”
Chirtoacă Aurel – „Dor de mamă”
Cobîlea Constantin – „Mama”
Barbas Diana – „The moment”
Samir Loghin – „Glow”
Maxim Zavidia – „Not Over You”
TOZI – „Uzac, uzac”
Irina Kit – „Baby don’t cry”