Moldova: Sunstroke Project pass the Audition Stage (UPD)

The 14 acts that will take part in the national final in Moldova have been announced. Sunstroke Project (ESC 2011) are in the line-up. UPD: Constantin Cobilean has been disqualified and Irina Kit withdraws.

After three long hours of live auditions Saturday afternoon, 14 acts have progressed to the semi final of Moldova’s Eurovision selection show to be held on February 24th. Similar to previous years, O Melodie Pentru Europa featured the live audition stage where a panel of experts decided which artists and songs had the potential to go through to the live televised event in February. This year’s auditions featured only 38 performers, which is down compared to previous years, however many of the fan favourites have returned to the competition.

On Monday it turned out that the song ‘Mama’ by Constantin Cobilean, which made the cut, has been performed on television before in the Russian X-Factor. He has been disqualified and replaced with Nadia Mosneagu and her song “Never Give Up On Us”. Irina Kit has decided to withdraw her entry and has been replaced with the song ‘Glow’ by Samir Loghin.

Fourteen semi finalists

The 14 chosen acts will compete in a live semi final on February 24th where a combination of televoting and jury voting will decide which eight acts will progress to the grand final on February 25th. Out of the 38 artists competing today the following 14 entries have made it through:

1. Sunstroke Project – “Hey Mamma”
2. Boris Covali – “Calator”
3. Diana Brescan – “Breath”
4. Vozniuc feat. Vio Grecu – “Don’t lie”
5. Valeria Pasa – “Freedom”
6. Marks & Stefanet – “Join Us In The Rain”
7. Emilia Russu -“If Only You”
8. Nadia Mosneagu – “Never Give Up On Us”
9. Ethno Republic & Surorile Osoianu – “Discover Moldova”
10. Samir Loghin – “Glow”
11. Sandy C – “A Beautiful World”
12. Aurel Chirtoaca – “Dor de mama” (Missing mother)
13. THE ONE – “Dance”
14. Big Flash Sound – “Logic”

The most notable of this year’s semifinalists include Sunstroke Project, who won the competition in 2010 and represented Moldova at Eurovision 2010 in Oslo with the song “Run Away”. The entry became famous for spawning the meme “Epix Sax Guy”. The group also took part in 2015 and finished third in the national final with the song “Day After Day”.

More interesting names to return to the Moldovan national final include Valeria Pasa, who was the runner up of the competition in 2015, and Diana Brescan, who has featured in every single Moldovan national final since 2014.

Both the semifinal and the final will be covered live on ESCDaily so we look forward to following the Moldovan selection process for Eurovision 2017.