Moldova: ‘The song “Falling Stars” needs no gimmick’

Moldova choose Lidia Isc with her song Falling Stars this weekend for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. Whilst the singer already confirmed that she will revamp the song, our editor Brandon McCann thinks they should keep the act simple: “I think this song does not need a gimmick at all.”

“Considering the past, Moldova has tried so hard to revolutionize their acts,” McCann explains. “Because they don’t have the right lighting and equipment to do it right at home. But I think this song does not need a gimmick at all. It is strong enough as it is. The vocals are very good, not perfect in the high notes, but she can do it on her own. Of course there will bes ome sort of gimmick involving stars most likely.”

You can see, our editor thinks Moldova made a right choice by picking Lidia for Stockholm: “I think it is the only song that really stood out. A commercial track, in the way it was produced. Lidia really wanted to return after her failure last year. They are going to revamp the song though, to get a fresh vibe. It is something to look forward to.”

The last two years, Moldova failed to reach the final. Can they qualify this time around? “I think i twill depend on her place in the show. She is in the first half of the first semi final. It sounds like she has a good chance to slipp through, but if she is really at the start of the show it might not work in het favour. But the new changes in the voting might help her to get through as well.”