Monday Night: All the scores of the weekend of 11/12 February

At the end of this Eurovision weekend, ESC Daily puts together an overview of all the results. Everything you may have missed – you can catch up every Monday Night.

Two of the BIG-5 selected their entry this weekend, with the week being mostly focused on the traditional San Remo festival in Italy. Every night another show, with the Grand Final on Saturday night. Francesco Gabbani and his “functional gimmick” (the gorilla!) won the show.

Traditionally, the San Remo winner in Italy is offered a ticket to Eurovision – but allowed to refuse. Gabbani made it immediately clear that he is willing to take this ticket and represent Italy in Kiev.

Italy; “San Remo Festival” (Final)
Saturday February 11th at 20:30 CET

Participant Song Ranking
Elodie Tutta colpa mia 8th
Paola Turci Fatti bella per te  5th
Samuel Vedrai  10th
Fiorella Mannoia Che sia benedetta 2nd
Michele Bravi Il diario dei errori  4th
Fabrizio Moro Portami via  7th
Ermal Meta Vietato morire 3rd
Michele Zarrillo Mani nelle mani  11th
Lodovica Comello Il cielo non mi basta  12th
Sergio Sylvestre Con te  6th
Clementino Ragazzi fuori  16th
Alessio Bernabei In mezzo di un applauso  15th
Francesco Gabbani Occidentali’s Karma 1st
Chiara Nessun posto è casa mia  14th
Bianca Atzei Ora esisti solo tu  9th
Marco Masini Spostato di un secondo  13th


Spain also chose their Eurovision entry through the final episode of Objetivo Eurovisión. In a chaotic national final, two songs finished with the same score on top of the board. Televoters wanted Mirela, but juries had the final say and sent Manel Navarro through to Kiev.

Spain; “Objetivo Eurovisión” (Final)
Saturday February 11th at 22:05 CET

Participant Song Points Ranking
Mario Jefferson Spin My Head 40  5th
Maika Momento crítico 41  4th
Mirela Contigo 58 2nd
Manel Navarro Do It For Your Lover 58 1st
Paula Rojo Lo que nunca fue 39  6th
LeKlein Ouch! 52 3rd

The search for the new Frans continued in Sweden with the second semi final of Melodifestivalen. Former Eurovision participant Roger Pontare was eliminated, but favorite Mariette pulled safely through to the final while Lisa Ajax will continue to Andra Chansen.

Sweden; “Melodifestivalen” (SF2)
Saturday February 11th at 20:00 CET

Participant Song Qualified
Mariette A Million Years Q
Roger Pontare Himmel och hav 5
Etzia Up 6
Allyawan Vart haru varit 7
Hearts Align Dismissed AC
Lisa Ajax I Don’t Give A AC
Benjamin Ingrosso Good Loovin’ Q

Estonia kicked off Eesti Laul with no less than three former Eurovision participants in their first semi final. Elina Born, Lenna Kuurmaa (Vanilla Ninja) and Ivo Linna all qualified for the Grand Final.

Estonia; “Eesti Laul” (SF1)
Saturday February 11th at 20:30 CET

Participant Song Qualified
Lenna Kuurmaa Slingshot Q
Elina Born In or Out Q
Carl-Philip Everything But You
Ivo Linna Suur loterii Q
Ariadne Feel Me Now Q
Uku Suviste Supernatural
Laura Prits Hey Kiddo
Karl-Kristjan & Whogaux Have You Now Q
Janno Reim & Kosmos Valan pisaraid
Leemet Onno Hurricane


Ukraine; “Нацвідбір учасника від України на Євробачення-2017” (SF2)
Saturday February 11th at 18:00 CET

Participant Song Jury Vote Televote Total Qualified
Letay Svit chkaye 1 1 2
Mila Nytych Mystery 3 3 6
Kuznetsov Deep Shivers 2 7 9
Aghiazma Synthetic Sun 5 2 7
Detach Distance 4 6 10
Rozhden Saturn 8 5 13 Q
Panivalkova Dokuchayu 6 4 10
Illaria Thank You 7 8 15 Q

Hungary; “A Dal” (SF1 and SF2)
Friday February 10th and Saturday February 11th at 19:30 CET

Participant Song Jury Vote App Vote Total Qualified
Dávid Henderson White Shadows 31 6 37
Gigi Radics See It Through 35 7 42 Q
Chase Dust In the Wind 31 6 37
Joci Pápai Origo 38 7 45 Q
Gina Kanizsa Fall Like Rain 40 5 45 Q
Soulwave Kalandor 30 7 37 Q
Spoon 21 Deák 31 6 37
The Couple Vége van 31 5 36
Viki Singh Rain 32 6 38


Participant Song Jury Vote App Vote Total Qualified
Mrs. Columbo Frozen King 31 6 37
Kállay Saunders Band 17 35 7 42 Q
Peet Project Kill Your Monster 32 6 38
Ádám Szabó Together 30 7 37
Benji Karcok 28 5 33
Gabi Tóth Hosszú idők 37 7 44 Q
Leander Kills Élet 37 6 43 Q
Roma Soul Nyitva a ház 32 6 38
Zävodi + Olivér Berkes #háttérzaj 38 5 43 Q

Lithuania; “Eurovizijos” (R6)
Saturday February 11th at 20:00 CET

Participant Song Jury Vote Televote Total Qualified
Aistė Pilvelytė I’m Like a Wolf 12 12 24 Q
Alanas Chošnau 7 Days 8 1 9 Q
Evaldas Vaikasas Fire Kisses 1 0 1
Mia Sacrifice 6 6 12 Q
Sasha Son Never Felt Like This Before 10 2 12 Q
Greta Zazza Like I Love You 10 8 18 Q
Golden Monkeys Septyni dievai 2 3 5
Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė Love Shadow 7 7 14 Q
Neringa Šiaudikytė One More Night 5 0 5
Queens of Roses Fisherman 3 10 13 Q
Valerija Iljinaitė You Made Me Glow 6 5 11 Q
Vidas Bareikis & Ieva Zasimauskaitė I Love My Phone 4 4 8


Latvia; “Supernova” (QF2)
Sunday February 12th at 20:25 CET

Participant Song Qualified
Katrina Lukins Silhouette
Laura Lo Little Weird
Markus Riva Dynamite
Miks Galvanovskis Runaway
MyRadiantU All I Know  Q
Santa Daņeļeviča Your Breath  Q
The HiQ Taju ot lyubvi
The Ludvig I’m in Love With You  Q
Toms Kalderauskis We Won’t Back Down
Triānas Parks Line  Q
UP One By One