Monika Marija advances with her second song in Lithuania

Former The Voice of Lithuania-winner Monika Marija has advanced to the semi final stage of Eurovizijos Atranka in Lithuania. She already made it through heat 3 with the song ‘Criminal’, and now also went on with the song ‘Light On’.

In the fourth heat in Lithuania, the last 11 new songs were performed. From next week, candidates return for the second time to perform their songs. The show was pre-recorded and the jury already gave their points before it aired. Monika Marija got the 12 points, Saulės Kliošas 10 and Henry & Tommy Modric 8.

In the televote, Monika Marija and Henry & Tommy Modric were also the most succesful. Alen Chicco also got a good score, which earned him a spot in the next round.

The full results from Heat 4 in Lithuania:

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