Monika Marija sails to the next round in Lithuania

Lithuania has started their search for a Eurovision 2020 competitor. Monika Marija, the runner-up in 2019, sailed through to the next round after the first heat of their national selection.

The Lithuanian marathon preselection has been shortened down and renamed to Pabandom iš naujo! (Let’s Try Again!). This year there are 36 entries, devided over three heats and two semi finals before the Grand Final takes place on 15th February.

Besides Monika Marija some other past competitors took the stage, like Donata Virbilaitė and Gabrielius Vagelis. The latter qualified and is still in the competition, while Donatga got eliminated

The result of Heat 1 in Lithuania 2020

Below are the results of the first heat in Lithuania, with the qualifiers listed in bold.

  1. Glossarium – Game Over
  2. Baltos Varnos – Namų dvasia
  3. Justinas Lapatinskas – Highway Story
  4. Aistay – Dangus man tu
  5. Petunija – Show Ya
  6. Lukas Norkūnas – Atsiprašyk
  7. Donata Virbilaitė – Made of Wax
  8. Andy Vaic – Why Why Why
  9. Aika – Paradas
  10. Meandi – DRIP
  11. Monika Marija – If I Leave
  12. Gabrielius Vagelis – Tave čia randu