Moniqué wins the second heat in Lithuania

Moniqué has won the second heat of Pabandom iš naujo, the qualification method in Lithuania for the Eurovision Song Contest. Besides Moniqué and the song ‘Make Me Human’, there were another five qualifiers for the next phase in Lithuania.

Both the jury and public agreed on the top five in the second heat in Lithuania, but disagreed on the final qualifier. The public would have chosen Twosome, and the jury Soliaris. But in the combined results Germanas Skoris came through in the final qualifying position.

The result of Heat 2 in Lithuania 2020

Below are the results of the second heat in Lithuania, with the qualifiers listed in bold.

  1. Rūta Loop – We Came from the Sun
  2. Soliaris – Breath
  3. Kristina Jure – My Sound Of Silence
  4. Alen Chicco – Somewhere Out There
  5. Indraya – You and I
  6. Germanas Skoris – Chemistry
  7. Viktorija Miškūnaitė – The Ocean
  8. Antturi – I Gotta Do
  9. Abrokenleg – Electric Boy
  10. Twosome – Playa
  11. Moniqué – Make Me Human
  12. Voldemars Petersons – Wings of Freedom