“Montaigne might not be able to travel to Rotterdam,” says Sietse Bakker

Montaigne photo: SBS

It is uncertain whether all Eurovision delegations will be able to travel to Rotterdam. According to Executive Producer Sietse Bakker, things are “difficult for Australia, for example. Because of all the travel restrictions.”

Sietse BakkerBakker made his comments in the Dutch national newspaper AD. He also stated that he expects most countries to come to Rotterdam for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. “Our national government has issued an exemption for artists and delegations, on the same basis that other top sport events – like Champions League football – can continue. Therefore, European countries have a good chance of travelling here – especially those within the EU.”

“Eurovision Back-up videos are absolute gems”

Better safe than sorry, though. Because of all the uncertainties surrounding coronavirus measures, the EBU has asked all participating countries to record a back-up-tape. “Most countries have put a lot of thought and energy into this,” Bakker says with a smile on his face. “There are a lot of hidden gems in there. We hope to get everyone to Rotterdam, but it’s great to see that our back-up plan is in place. That way, we can guarantee three amazing shows in May.”