Montenegro: First open selection since 2009

Montenegro will completely change its approach to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017. After internally selecting their acts for seven years in a row, broadcaster RTCG will return to an open selection to choose their act for Kiev.

Citizens of Montenegro or people who have lived in the country for at least two years, can apply. They have to send their CV, contact address, e-mail address, phone number and a demo version of the composition to¬†“Public Radio and Television of Montenegro for competition for the ESC, Podgorica, Bulevar Revolucije 19”. It is not yet known how the rest of the selection will proceed, just that artists have 30 days to enter in the selection process.

In the last three years, Montenegro managed to qualify for the Grand Final of the contest twice, with Sergej Cetkovic being their first ever entry to qualify in 2014. However, last year in Stockholm, the band Highway did not make it to the final.

The last public selection for Montenegro took place in 2009 and saw Andrea Demirovic win the ticket to Moscow. Her song “Just get out of my life” was written by Ralph Siegel and finished in 11th place in the first semi final, with 44 points.