Montenegro: RTCG publicly confirms intentions to participate

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As we previously reported, RTCG has all but confirmed today via their official website that Montenegro is planning their return to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011!

New Director of the broadcaster, Rade Vojvodić promised at the RTCG meeting that at all costs the broadcaster would find the money for the participation fee forMontenegro in the Eurovision Song Contest next year. He stated that the fee for participation will cost 23 thousand euros which will be hopefully met by the broadcaster.

“I talked about it for three years. But it’s good to finally find someone who understands that it is important for Montenegro to be in the Eurovision Song Contest. It has always been mentioned that the financial factor was the excuse not to send a representative” said Rade Vojvodić.

In an interview for “Vijesti” director of RTCG announced that the broadcaster would choose internally who will represent Montenegro in the Eurovision Song Contest, in consultation with people from the music industry.