“More room for spontaneity and feeling at Eurovision 2020”

Sietse Bakker is the Executive Producer Event of the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest (© NPO/Michel Schnater)

Executive Producer Sietse Bakker has told Dutch media about his first plans for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. “There will be less scripted jokes and more room for spontaneity and feeling,” Bakker promises in an article of Algemeen Dagblad.

Bakker tells that “the Dutch like to keep it real. Which means we must not go for yet another more exuberant Eurovision than we have seen recently. We are going to see if we can bring back the feeling. What we heard about some of the previous editions was that everything’s in order, however it became a bit technical and tight. We need to look for more sensitivity.”

The Dutch core team for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 have asked people in the creative industry, fashion designers, trendsetters and ‘ordinary people on the street’ what they expect of the contest in Rotterdam and which changes should be made, compared to previous editions.

Eurovision 2020 will take place on the 12th, 14th and 16th of May.

Rotterdam will host Eurovision 2020: