Austria: Nadine Beiler to Düsseldorf

Nadine Beiler has won the Austrian national final, and will sing “The Secret Is Love” in Düsseldorf at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in May. Austria takes part in the first half of the second semifinal, and picked its song after a 10-entry final, with the top three going into a ‘Super Final’. She beat Trackshittaz’s ““Oida Taunz!”” into first place.

In third place was Klimmstein feat. Joe Summer with their song “Paris, Paris”.

Nadine Beiler shot to fame in Austria after winning the third season of ‘Starmania’ in 2006. Now, aged just 20, the young singer from Tirol will look to go one step further in Eurovision. Her album “Komm doch mal rüber” charted fourth in 2007, and she will release her Eurovision entry as her third single in the coming months.