Nathan Trent: “Make things heard that can not be spoken”

Nathan Trent has a special way of thinking about his art of songwriting. The artist that will represent Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 talks about going to Kiev next year: “I want to make things being heard, that can not be spoken.”

“I write music for myself,” Trent states in his introduction video on his website. “The process of songwriting is great, it is like evolution. You can make something that you have in your mind come to life. Making things be heard that can not be spoken. The way I think about my song, can touch someone else in a totally different way.”

Nathan Trent is going to be the artist to represent Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev. Nathan is very excited and says: “I’ve been working a long time for a moment like this. Now I am getting the honor to perform on that big stage and it feels overwhelming.”

In June 2016 Nathan released his debut single ‘Like It Is‘, which you can watch here. Shortly after the release, music expert Eberhard Forcher got in touch with him and ask him to be one of the contestants in the Austrian internal preliminaries. After the challenging last few months of decision making, the ORF Team has now made official that Nathan is going to sing for his country. He is ready to show Europe what Austria has to offer: “My goal is to enjoy this journey and represent Austria in the best possible way”, he says.