Switzerland: National final on 11th December

Switzerland have launched their search for a song for Eurovision 2011. Due to a clear upward trend in viewing numbers for the contest in Switzerland (with an average share of 30%, or ~500,000 viewers), Swiss TV have decided to revamp the process they will use for selecting Switzerland’s entry for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest.

A huge internet vote will allow the Swiss people to take an active part in deciding which artist should represent Switzerland. In the first round, all performers who would like to take part can present their songs on the www.eurovision.sf.tv website. The entry period will run from from 1 October to 30 October 2010. From the beginning of November users will be able to vote for their favourite songs. These votes will count for 50% of the say in deciding a selection shortlist, while a jury will account for the other 50%.

Winners of the preliminary round will present their songs in a big national final, that will take place in Kreuzlingen on 11th December 2010 where televoting will decide the winner. More information can be found here in French, German and Italian.