“Netherlands has a lot of work to do, to get where John Lundvik already is”

In episode two of our talkshow The ESCDaily Show host Steef van Gorkum talks to Ewan Spence (ESC Insight) and Erik Bolks (OGAE International). According to Spence, Duncan Laurence from The Netherlands still has a lot of work to do, to get to the point where John Lundvik (Sweden) already is.

“If the Dutch want to change a lot of their camera angles, there is not much time left to get Duncan to find the red lights of the cameras on the right moment. He has a lot of work to do, to get to where John Lundvik already is. Because Sweden is already at the point where they can focus on the details.”

Rewatch the second episode of The ESCDaily Show, which was broadcast live on Facebook:

No Orange invasion in Tel Aviv

According to Erik Bolks, who is from The Netherlands, we will not have an Orange invasion in Tel Aviv. “The tickets were very expensive. Many Dutch people will follow it from their home, and now Duncan needs to bring the trophy home to them.”

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