Netta Barzilai does not use a looper in Israel’s Eurovision performance

Netta Barzilai does not use a looper in her Eurovision performance. The Israeli delegation confirmed this at the press conference in response to questions from Polish journalist Maciej Mazanski. 

Instead of the looper, the backing vocalists mimmick Netta’s voice to accomplish the same effect. “I am so lucky,” said Netta. “I have three amazing singers who do everything to sound like me.”

“We wanted to use a looper,” added a member of the delegation, “but the EBU sees it as an instrument. And just as Alexander Rybak is not allowed to play the violin live, the same goes for our looper.”

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ESCDaily was also at the press conference to ask the Head of Delegation about the revival of Israel. During last year’s final, the Israeli spokesperson said that Israel would have to withdraw from Eurovision. However, now they are here, and they are top favorite. How did that come about?

You can find the answer in the video below:

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  1. And so the supposed ‘brave new world’ of vocal looping is likely to never hit the Eurovision stage, stalled by the ‘no live instruments’ rule…

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