Netta Barzilai: “My job to bring Eurovision back to Israel”

“It is my job to bring Eurovision back to Israel.” Netta Barzilai gets really intense when asked about her position in the Eurovision betting odds. “I’m honoured that someone like me is in such a position.”

ESCDaily’s chief editor Steef van Gorkum asked Netta about her new status at the Israeli press conference. She replied that she is very positively surprised about it. “I don’t look like a regular super star. The fact that someone like me, someone with my size, is so popular… I am honoured about that.”

However, with great pride comes great responsibility. Netta Barzilai realizes that. “My country wants to win Eurovision again, after 20 years. It is my job to bring it home.”

“I will dance more in my performance”

In order to get the victory, Netta will include more dance into her performance than she did today. “I love to dance. Today I was focused on the movements, but next time I will dance more. I know that I do not dance by normal standards, I am not good at dancing by anyone else’s rules. But I am good at dancing at my own rules!”