Netta Barzilai is the next Israeli entrant for Eurovision

After many weeks of shows and eliminations, the talent show HaKokhav HaBa came to an end on Tuesday. Netta Barzilai has won the show and will now represent Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

In the final night of HaKokhav HaBa, only four acts were left in the competition, but only one of them will get the chance to actually perform in Lisbon. Read back all about the show and how the winner was chosen in our liveblog! Winner Netta Barzilai impressed with her vocal loop of Tik Tok by Kesha, Gangnam style and Sexy Lady by Jessie J.

The next stage in the exciting process is the selection of the song for the competition, in the coming weeks. An internal joint committee of music experts has been appointed, while Israeli songwriters and composers are invited to submit their entries. The best song will be paired with Netta, who will travel to Lisbon in late April.

(Please note, this is NOT a video from the national final. When one is available, we will be posting that. This is Netta in action with her band The Experiment)

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  1. Interesting teaser. Might be something different from Israel this year if this is the style of the song to be chosen.

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